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This is a legally binding contract, you know, sort of like a quickie marriage in Vegas. Sign up here and you have to take that 15 minute walk.

But we’ll forgive you if you only train for ten weeks rather than 23, or if you just fall off the health wagon in general. Believe me, any health effort is good for you.

By registering here, you’ll be the first to know about the details of the Conchathon in the British Virgin Islands, and will also later be able to find yourself a training partner.


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2. Tell me something about yourself and your health and your goals. You don’t have to do this. But confronting your self in written form can be a very powerful medicine. No one will read what you write other than me. If I want to quote from your words either online or in The Post, I will always ask permission, and won’t use your full name even then.

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Conch Man, Bahamas, Nov. 1998
Conchathon, Washington, Sept. 1989
Conchathon, Key West, Dec. 1989
Conchathon, Washington, Oct 7, 1990
Conchathon, Tortola, BVI, 1998
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