Great Health


The web is heaven for people in the snake oil business. But these sites offer good, objective information.

Just Move, [] is sponsored by the American Heart Association. The site offers a simple self fitness-level quiz as well as an on-line exercise log.

Mayo Clinic Fitness and Sports Medicine Center
[c] This is a great site! We'll take you to the home page, but make sure you click on their "Personal Health Scorecard" on the left side of the home page. You have to sign up to use the scorecard, but its free. The site also gives you stretching exercises, injury prevention tips, and dozens of other valuable resources.

Want to walk with others in an organized way? To find a walking club or activity in your area, check out the American Volksport Association [] or Just Walk []

Sally Squire’s “Lean Plate Club” series. Sally’s columns run on Tuesday in The Post, and she hosts an on-line chat room, too. The Lean Plate Club can really help you get a grip on your eating and health habits. To go there directly: