Introduction to the Walk Tortola Training Calendar

The Conchathon Walk Tortola Training Calendar can help you prepare to participate in Walk Tortola or any other distance walk. It can also simply help you get fit using what experts recommend as the most effective and easiest exercise—walking.

Our training calendar is based on walking programs designed by Dr. James M. Rippe, our walking and fitness advisor. The author of more than 25 books, including four on fitness walking alone, Dr. Rippe is a leader in the field of lifestyle medicine. He is founder and director of Ripple Lifestyle Institute, a leading research, communication, and health promotion organization in Shrewsbury, MA, and of Rippe Health Assessment at Celebration Health in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Rippe practices what he preaches, too—he’s an avid walker, runner, wind surfer, skier and always ready to try a new sport.

To get the most out of the Walk Training Calendar, read "Rippe’s Tips for Fitness Walking Success" before you begin—or at least after that first 15 minute walk.

We also recommend assessing your aerobic fitness using the "One Mile Walk Test" developed by Dr. Rippe—particularly if you have been “conched out” on the couch for some time. And remember, if you have any questions or current health concerns, it’s always good to consult your physician before undertaking a fitness program.

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