The Jog-Bike-Swim Training Calendar

Forty-five weeks of training!

That’s a perfectly terrifying number of weeks, but not to worry. This calendar gets you ready for regulation triathlons, if you’re game. Or, make your pace leisurely and simply remake your body and health a bit.

The Swim-Run-Climb Calendar

Forty-six weeks of training.

This calendar works really well if you want to substitute weight lifting for climbing, kayaking for swimming, and walking for running.

The Swim-Run-Hike TWENTY FOUR WEEK calendar

This is the "Cliff's Notes" version of our training calendar. All you need is a pair of shoes and a bathing suit. And if you don't want to swim, may we recommend weight lifting?

The Walk Tortola Training Calendar

Forty-six weeks of training

Our calendar is based on the walking programs designed by Dr. James M. Rippe, our walking and fitness advisor, who’s well-known as the man "who got America walking" and as a leader in the field of lifestyle medicine and research. Use this calendar to prepare to participate in a distance walk of up to 24 miles or just to get in shape and stay in shape at any level you choose.