Incidentally, we just “locked” your computer, so you can’t skip this page without paying close attention to it. (Just kidding. But do spend some time here).

Starting with a fifteen minute walk, following any of these three training calendars on the next page will change your body, your health, and your attitude about life. That’s a guarantee, backed up by the thousands who have used the calendars.

The Conch training calendars work because they let you set the pace. For instance, if you are truly a slug, make your fifteen minute walk a stroll, and take a folding chair with you, if you want. If you’re in pretty good shape, walk a bit faster. If you are already exercising regularly , walk as fast as you want to.

The Conch training calendars work because they ease you into suffering. So, don’t rush the schedules or skip ahead days or weeks, even if you are already exercising. Later, you’ll look back on these early training days fondly.

The Conch training calendars work even if you don’t stick with them to the end. Your body and mind and schedule will help you determine if you stop increasing your exercise at ten weeks or keep training to the end of the schedule.

The Conch training calendars let you pick and chose different exercises. Our calendars will train you in jogging, biking, swimming, hiking, and climbing. But you may decide to substitute weight lifting or rock climbing for swimming, or dancing for walking. No problem. In later weeks, we’ll show you how to modify your training schedule. For now, just take it a day at a time.

Training on even a portion of a Conch calendar qualifies you to enter our Conchathon here in Tortola in December (details later). You can simply hike, or you can hike and bike and swim and kayak and climb. Or you can do any combination—either as a team, or by yourself.

Speed or “place” are not issues in Conchathons. Finishing is all that counts. We’ve had joggers finish our course in an hour and in fourteen hours.

Caution rules in the Conch world, except when we raise the roof.
Don’t go further than your fifteen minute walk without getting a reading on your current health. If you know you have health problems, see your doctor before any exercise. If you haven’t had a physical in a few years, think about getting one.