Hold on: Before reading anything here, please take a few minutes and take a gander at the pictures on this page.

During your walk this December—whether you walk an easy six miles or a gorilla 24 miles--you will personally experience all this, and more. Honestly, the only real danger except for the occasional cross-eyed goat or curious donkey during The Walk of Tortola is stumbling and falling because your mind is on the vistas, not the path.

What to do now:

  • Explore this site a bit by using the buttons along the left and the tabs along the top. The Conch world is a fine place to spend some time. We don’t track anything you do here, or try to sell you anything, so relax and dream a bit. We’ve got a total of four training calendars for you on this site.
  • Take the Rippe One Minute Walk health assessment. Dr. James Rippe is to walking and health as gas is to a car, and he’s the man who developed our new walking-only training calendar. Click here, and we’ll take you to the fitness test. Then come back to this page.
  • Register! We’ll be telling you about walking events in the beltway area and other parts of the country, and will also give you first crack at Tortola event reservations. (The button is on the left.)
  • Download the calendar, and take that first walk!

Wherever you are or wherever you may go, there are magnificent opportunities to see the world on foot, and strengthen your health and spirits, to boot. So, welcome to Conchdom!